At the Achievement center, we believe the opportunities are endless. We strive to incorporate a fun, productive environment where learning, growing and socializing is a priority!

All of our daily vocational activities are designed to not only be fun, but teach basic, yet important job skills. Some will be able to clean, stock shelves, bag groceries, greet customers and learn more about business place etiquette.

Medicore staff welcomes individuals with autistic sensory and behavioral needs. 

Watch this video to see us in action!

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Some special activities include:

Therapy: music, art and pet

Fitness: adaptive dance and Jacob's Ladder (special needs fitness class)

Reading/writing/ math classes

Sensory activities for regulation

Learning to use i-pad friendly apps for non-verbal communication

Communication boards and other visual learning devices and supports

Yoga balls, bouncy balls, autistic learning board games.

Coffee Bar

The Coffee bar is a great way to not only socialize with peers, however consumers will be able to serve each other and other patrons at our site.  They will build social skills as well as crucial hospitality skills that they will be able to use in a community employment setting.

Farmers Market

The farmers market is a fun activity that will allow the consumers to work with their peers to grow a community garden together.  They will feel a sense of accomplishment while watching and maintaining their plants.  After the crops have matured, they will be able to bring the produce home to share with families!

A Day at the Office

A day at the office, is a small learning exercise that will allow consumers to practice answering the phones professionally, learn how to file alphabetically, shred confidential documents and how to maintain their professionalism in an office!

The Cleaning Crew

The cleaning crew was designed to show consumers the basics of janitorial services.  They will learn chemical safety and best practices.  Learning how to properly use different cleaning gadgets as well as reinforcing specific skills such as sweeping, dusting, windows, bathrooms and vaccuum.

Admission Process

Step 1: Complete our admissions packet.

The admissions packet provides us with the information we need to meet your unique needs.  You will probably need to fill this out with a family member or with your SA. 

Step 2: Secure funding.

If you already have a waiver (which determines the level of services and staffing you are eligible to receive), ask your SA submit the Admissions packet. We will review your packet and then contact your SA to make recommendations. Our individual-oriented plan ensures that the services you receive truly benefit the client.

If you are not currently receiving homemaker or personal care on an IO (individual options waiver), contact your SA to apply for an IO, which may involve being placed on a waiting list. There are cases where a situation can be declared an emergency - see your SA for qualification.

An additional note about waiting lists: reviewing your plans for the future with your SA is a valuable step. Your SA may recommend that you be placed on the waiting list, so if your need increases, you will already be 'in line' for services. Your SA will also advise you about funding if this is your first time applying for services.

Step 3: Schedule a visit.

Medicore will review your completed admissions packet to ensure that we are a good fit for you. If you are accepted, we will schedule a visit for you to come to the day center. 

Step 4: Begin the intake process.

We will schedule an intake meeting with you, your SA, and our staff (including the day program supervisor, and service director). If anything was missing from your admissions packet, it is important that you bring it to this meeting.

Together, we will identify the specifics of the care required (referred to as an ISP, Individual Service Plan). Funding will need to be secured, as it will be part of the intake meeting's agenda.

Step 5: Attend your first day!

On the day you are scheduled to start at the day program, please bring the following:

  • ID card
  • A List of All Medications (if applicable)
  • Change of clothes and hygiene products
  •  Cash for vending machine/hot lunch